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Automatic Watch Winders by Wolf

All WOLF watch winders feature the technology of Turns Per Day. Before you plug in your winder, follow the steps below: 

Step 1

Remove the cuff from the winder drum by pulling firmly on the two tabs. Close the  trap or bracelet of your watch. Compress the cuff and slide your watch over the cuff, watch dial facing outwards. Push the cuff into the drum until it locks into place, an audible click will be heard.

Step 2

To start the rotation program, plug the adapter in, and turn the power switch to "ON" position.  Please note that the LED will keep blinking during the rest and pause periods of the rotation program. This shows that the program is in operational mode. To stop the rotation program turn the switch to "OFF'.


Note that this winder will not wind your watch continuously. The computer chip inside has been programmed to wind your watch on an intermittent  basis only, with extended "pause" and "sleep" phases. This is for the protection of the mainspring of your watch. 



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